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What tone to use when witness handling

I have found it incredibly difficult to find books on how to deliver speeches if you are a barrister, and in fact was only able to find one, called "Hints for Public Speakers - aimed at young barristers and students of law" written by T Knox in 1797. The following quote is from this book, and covers the tone you should use when you are seeking either to have your case theory confirmed (ie during examination in chief or re-examination) or having your case theory challenged, as in cross examination. The author makes the following suggestions and recommendations regarding the tone to use:

Confirmation and refutation – what tone necessary

In these lies the greatest stress of your speech and the last effort of your voice; for as your mind is more engaged here, in the first by setting forth your arguments, and in the other by solving your adversaries objections, and when, at this place all the adorning figures of rhetoric are made use of, you ought therefore to speak with the greatest force and expression, and give your deliver as much variety of tone as possible, confining the whole, however, within the bounds of decency and moderation.

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